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3 Reasons That Having a Workout Buddy Will Improve Your Fitness Routine

3 Reasons That Having a Workout Buddy Will Improve Your Fitness Routine

Feel like you’re not quite seeing the results that you want at the gym? Your secret might not be in changing up your routine, but in changing up who you’re performing your routine with. Working out with a partner can be just what you need to get yourself (and to help yourself stay) on track towards achieving your health goals – so long as you pick the right partner, of course. When picking that person who you want to workout with, your best bet is to opt for someone who is serious about the cause of getting in shape, whether that’s your best friend or that acquaintance you chat with every now and then by the free weights. If you’re ready to ramp up your fitness performance, here are three reasons why having a workout buddy will totally up your game:

You’ll get an extra dose of motivation.

Do you keep telling yourself that you’ll start your workout tomorrow, next week, or at the beginning of the month? It’s time to stop telling yourself what you should do and start doing it.

It’s easy to delay the process of working towards your when you have no one holding you accountable; it’s a lot harder to skip the gym when you have a partner who expects you to be there at a certain time.

The ideal workout buddy will keep you on top of your workout schedule, even when you feel like hitting the snooze button five more times (get ready for that early morning workout call). It’s a bit harder to give into the mental distractions that steer you away from fitness success when you have a focused fitness confidant by your side.

You can add more fun to your workout regimen.

Working out doesn’t have to feel like washing dishes; it can be a fun, calorie-busting experience that you crave more of each day.

If working out feels like a chore, it’s probably because you’re stuck doing the same workouts every day. The elliptical and treadmill are common workout companions but nothing compares to the workout versatility and excitement you can create with partner exercises.

Don’t get sweaty solo; challenge a workout buddy to a game of one-on-one basketball or work your core with partner heel taps. If you’re a fan of squats, grab a medicine ball and do squats with a rotational pass. You and your partner should stand back to back, drop into a squat position, and move the torso back and forth as you pass the ball. Moves like this are the perfect way to amp up your workout routine while working with a friend or fitness buddy.

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You’ll be inspired to go beyond your limits.

When you have a workout buddy watching your every move, you’ll do what it takes to give it your all instead of giving up at the first sign of fatigue (friends don’t let friends get away with doing a half push up and calling it quits).

Your competitive spirit will also take over and you’ll see your performance rise like never before. Because who wants to risk letting their workout buddy see them slacking off? (Not us, that’s for sure.)

A partner can help you reach levels in your workout that would be more challenging to pursue on your own. Teamwork will make your fitness dream work; you’ll have someone cheering you on to the next level of success and showing you that you are stronger than you think you are.

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