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3 Reasons to Start Eating Vitamin E Enriched Foods

3 Reasons to Start Eating Vitamin E Enriched Foods

Vitamins and minerals are, of course, essential to a healthy mind and body, but not all are created equal and have the same capabilities. While some are great for your cardiovascular health, some are better for your skin, others are better for your immune system, and so on. And then there are the powerhouses, like vitamin e, which, quite remarkably falls into more than one category of why-it’s-so-awesome-for-you. Vitamin E’s essential role as an anti-oxidant is what makes it so beneficial. The most important thing to remember about vitamin E is how wonderfully it protects against free radicals in the body (leaving the rest to fall into place), but before you begin to consume it in droves, it’s important to know just how.

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1. It Will Boost Your Energy Levels

Vitamin E, according to Certified Nutritionist Tehzeeb Lalani, is “an essential, fat-soluble vitamin… [that] acts as an antioxidant in the body, which is the primary reason it helps with energy levels.” Lalani goes on to say that Vitamin E’s key role as an antioxidant is what shields us from low energy levels.

“When we don’t get enough antioxidants to combat the free radicals in the body, they’ll take their toll and leave us feeling depleted. It’s basically a fancy way of saying why healthy foods make us feel good, and processed foods devoid of vitamins and nutrients generally make us feel lousy.”

Certified Nutritional Consultant Lori Shemek agrees, stating that,

“When you don’t have enough cellular protection from phytonutrients and antioxidants to combat the inflammatory free radicals in the body, it takes its toll on the body, leaving you with a lack of energy. [Since] vitamin E is so protective in promoting optimal health, energy levels are increased.”

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2. Your Immune System Will Thank You

Because vitamin E prevents the formation of free radicals, consequently, it aids a heap load in maintaining good immunity. Because free radicals have the potential to “harm cells, tissues, and organs,” according to Lalani, vitamin E’s anti-oxidative properties “protect the body tissues from damage.” Dr. Shemek says that “low-level inflammation is an immune response,” and, “by fortifying the body with Vitamin E to help reduce or reverse inflammation, you naturally boost your immune system so that it can fight off invading bacteria and viruses.” Registered Dietitian and Certified Diet Nutritionist Maria Sorbara concurs, stating that “vitamin E has free bonds that can accommodate the electrons and prevent some important molecules from undergoing oxidation.” It’s because of this important role that it can “keep the immune system strong.”

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3. It Fights the Aging Process

Further, according to Sorbara, vitamin E “can promote healthy skin.” Dr. Shemek agrees, stating that “low-level inflammation is the core cause of most illness, disease and faster-aging.” Because vitamin e’s anti-oxidative properties, “help reverse cellular inflammation,” according to Dr. Shemek, it also slows the aging process. “Vitamin E’s unique chemical structure enables it to effectively and safely quench free radicals thereby giving us an anti-aging effect,” says Lalani. “It can modulate genetic signals in skin cells to help prevent oxidative damage thereby giving us better-looking skin.”

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Vitamin E’s Food Sources

Experts unanimously agree that vitamin e is essential, so where’s the best place to find it? Lalani recommends different kinds of nuts and vegetable oils as excellent sources of vitamin E, but you can also eat more spinach, sweet potatoes, butternut squash and avocados to get your daily dose.

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