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3 Pieces of Luxury Gym Gear To Salivate Over

3 Pieces of Luxury Gym Gear To Salivate Over

The Weights: Hock Design LOFT Dumbbells

Hock Design creates some truly beautiful pieces of gym equipment that look so good you may perhaps feel bad about actually using them. That being said the dumbbells are in fact quite functional – built using the highest grade non-stainless steel with a finely crafted grip of walnut that smoothly contours to your hand. They represent the very highest levels of craftsmanship.


The Apparel: Lucas Hugh

Likely the current king of luxury workout wear for women (sorry, guys). Lucas Hugh expertly combines the latest in workout technology with a distinct sense of style. With a strong focus on functionality the clothing is versatile enough for even the most grueling of workouts. It should come as no surprise that it is a favorite of celebrities the world over.



The Machine: Kinesis Personal Leather

Leave it to the team at Technogym to create the ultimate standalone machine that expertly blends beautiful aesthetic design with full body workout functionality. Using the proprietary Fullgravity system the Kinesis incorporates a system of rotating pulleys to create a flexible and comprehensive fluid movement system that can provide a remarkably comprehensive array of exercises. If the drop-dead gorgeous Personal Leather version is out of the price range, other models of the Kinesis that share much of the same functionality exist. 

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