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3 of the Best Yoga Retreats

3 of the Best Yoga Retreats

Whether you want to take your practice to the next level or simply hit the ground running as you pick up yoga, a retreat can be a terrific means of going from a relative beginner to an aspiring yogi. Most of the below retreats are comprehensive – meaning they teach you yoga, meditation, proper breathing and sometimes even some nutrition tips. We’re huge advocates of this sort of holistic approach to wellness and humbly submit that a vacation in an exotic locale focusing on self improvement is just about the best way you can spend your hard earned time off.

Yoga for Bad People

We like Yoga For Bad People in no small part because they do not take themselves too seriously (we have that in common). While we all strive to achieve the most out of our practice we find that sometimes people can take it so seriously that it is no longer fun. And while we all seek to live in better harmony with ourselves, we’d rather have fun getting there. Yoga For Bad People incorporates a broad array of music to create a vibe and feel that is decidedly more upbeat and vibrant than nearly any other. They bring just the right about of spice to a retreat without compromising on the quality of instruction. With retreats ranging from the local (the Hamptons) to the much more exotic and off the beaten path (think Brazil and Cuba), they have something for nearly every taste and budget. (

Yogaworks Retreats

A world-class yoga retreat in such varied locales as the beach in Tulum, the remote mountains of Bhutan or the shores of Bali? That is a tough combination to beat. These weeklong retreats are workshop-based and broadly focus on relaxation, breathing, and meditation. Without fail, they almost always take place in destinations of breathtaking beauty with an eye toward ecological sustainability and keeping a low carbon footprint. They almost always do double duty as an exotic vacation.  (


Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat

Sivananda Ashram Yoga

Located in the Bahamas on Paradise Island in Nassau, this is one of the more tiresome retreats we know. It begins with an early start at 6 a.m. (no sleeping in here), followed by near-constant activity until bedtime. While you’re likely to leave rejuvenated, this is not the retreat to attend if you’re in the mood to mix some sightseeing and lounging by the beach with your yoga. (

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