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3 Jet-Set Wellness Summer Destinations

3 Jet-Set Wellness Summer Destinations

Tulum, Mexico


There is truly no bad time to go to Tulum. With a vibrant year-round community that prides itself on being extremely wellness-minded and highly ecologically conscious, Tulum is the perfect location to go to when you just want to unplug, soak up the sun, eat some healthy, locally grown food, and spend the occasional sunset participating in beach-side yoga.

Tulum waterfront resort


The BeTulum Hotel balances the natural beauty of Tulum with the amenities you’d expect in a high-end boutique hotel. With only twenty rooms, the hotel always manages to feel intimate, and the attentive staff only serves to bolster this feeling.

Mykonos, Greece


Don’t let the financial troubles of late dissuade you from visiting Mykonos. The Greek Islands have been fortunate to avoid the same degrees of civil unrest that has shaken the rest of the country. Much like the more raucous island of Ibiza, Mykonos has embraced meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and other staples of wellness for decades. As a result, it has become one of the more popular destinations for yoga retreats the world over.

Mykonos dock with suntanning chairs


We’re partial to the Santa Marina, a hotel perched on a peninsula that provides spectacular views of the Aegean and the Ornos Bay. The hotel provides a perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of Mykonos while never feeling out of the ocean. The excellent spa and wellness center add that extra level of comfort that makes this hotel tough to beat.

Ibiza, Spain

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While Ibiza has long harbored a reputation as something of a hedonistic island, what is perhaps less publicized is the vibrant yoga and holistic wellness community that populates the island all year round. This should come as no surprise, as the island has always been a place that has embraced many eastern traditions that are only now gaining prominence in the west. The island itself is large enough that those looking to entirely avoid the notorious party scene can do so with little difficulty.

blue pool with deck in Ibiza


The Ibiza Gran Hotel continues to be a mainstay of the hotel scene, and benefits from placing you in the heart of downtown. While it’s no longer new and perhaps lacks some of the intimacy you might find at smaller, boutique hotels, the hotel has done a superlative job of keeping décor and furnishings feeling consistently fresh.

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