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3 Fitness Tricks That Can Revive a Stale Routine

3 Fitness Tricks That Can Revive a Stale Routine


Finding a fitness routine that’s right for you is hard enough, but keeping the same routine for too long without getting bored and plateauing is next to impossible. Your workout should be something you look forward to every day, so it’s important to mix things up every once in awhile to avoid making it feel more like a chore. Dragging yourself to the gym every day to do the same exact thing can lead to some serious lack of motivation. Plus, you’re sure to see your progress flatline as a result of a lack of variation. If you’re looking to spice up your routine with some new moves, start with these three workouts.

Discover New Uses for Your Dumbbells

Our Inspiration: 15 New Ways to Use Dumbbells

If dumbbells are already an important part of your routine, this workout will teach you some exciting new moves. If not, what better way to get started with a great new weight training routine? This workout will help you mix up your gym routine and give you the chance to tone different parts of your body thanks to moves that we’re sure will be new to your repertoire, like some V-up figure 8’s, or some single-leg lateral flys. If these sound tough, that’s because they are – which is exactly why you should hop to it.

Take Your Ab Workout Off of the Floor

Our Inspiration: 11 Standing Ab Exercises

Tired of working on your abs? Aren’t we all. Crunches are literally the last thing we want to do when we hit the gym. Fortunately, you can totally squeeze in an effective core workout without getting down and dirty on the mat. With moves like side bends, windmills and knee lifts (oh my), this exercise roundup will totally tone your abs, but won’t feel like it’s taking as much out of you as your usual lineup. Plus, when you work those abs in an upright position, you’ll engage more of your core overall, and you’ll benefit from a lot less neck and back pain. And we do mean, a lot less. 

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Pump Up Your Run

Our Inspiration: Park Bench Workout

If running is your thing, good for you. We’re never ones to scoff at a dedication to cardio. We are, however, ones to point out that your runs could be excluding an important part of your workout – the strength part. To get a balanced workout and mix cardio with a little strength training, try adding this fitness routine to the end of your run. And if you feel a little too uncomfortable squatting on a park bench to do these alongside your outdoor run (don’t worry, we get that), find a sturdy piece of furniture around the same height and do the moves at home.

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