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3 Exciting New Pieces of Mind Technology

3 Exciting New Pieces of Mind Technology

It should come as no surprise that the quantified self improvement movement is spanning beyond fitness and into the realm of the healthy mind. These three innovative devices are all leveraging sophisticated technology to create unique solutions to the brain health market.


Thync is a product that claims to improve your focus, provide you with more energy or calm you down – depending on your need at any given time, after simply using it for 15 minutes every day it.  At first blush, the idea of sending electrical impulses to your brain sounds a bit concerning!  It may seem risky, but in actuality, the process of using electric currents to stimulate changes in the brain is something that has been used by the scientific community for quite some time – just up until now it has been largely relegated to the laboratory. Data on the efficacy of products like Thync is still mixed as there likely needs to be a bit more scientific support before we’re completely sold; however, the early prognosis is encouraging. That being said, users expecting something significantly transformative probably have unrealistic expectations, but the prospect of using electrical signals to replace that second (or third) cup of coffee should be compelling to many. (, $299)


Billed as the “brain sensing headband”, unlike Thync, Muse is more focused on creating a platform for training the brain to achieve long-term results and improvement in areas like anxiety management, stress reduction as well as mental focus and concentration. Where Thync is focused on sending electrical impulses to the brain, Muse is a personal EEG device that reads your brain waves and interprets them in a digestible and useful way for the user.  This feedback loop enables people to understand the steps necessary to calm their minds and therefore, see improvements in a handful of areas that, according to Muse, yields a more productive life. (, $299)

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One thing that most sleep scientists seem to agree upon is that the Withings Aura is the most advanced sleep tracking device to hit the market. Whereas the majority of other sleep devices under perform due to poor data collection methodologies, the Aura provides a comprehensive solution across all of your devices.  There is a sleep sensor that rests underneath the mattress, a bedside device that utilizes light and sound programs alongside a superlative smartphone app. Simply put, if you are in the market for a sleep assistance device you’d be hard pressed to find better than the Aura. (, $299) 

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