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3 Easy Things You Can Do to Simplify Your Beauty Routine

3 Easy Things You Can Do to Simplify Your Beauty Routine


Getting ready with a multi-step beauty routine can be time consuming and difficult to do every morning. There are some things in your beauty routine that might not be necessary to do every single morning, and could make your routine a bit simpler and quicker. Try out some of these tips to simplify your beauty routine to make way for more time.

Don’t style your hair every morning.

Skipping out on heat-styling your hair can save you tons of time when completing your beauty routine. In addition to the gained time, your hair will thank you. Using heat on your hair can actually dry it out, so you’ll save time while keeping your hair in a healthier state!

Don’t wash your hair.

Obviously this needs to happen, but definitely not every morning. It’s recommended to wash your hair 2-3 times a week. I know, it seems so little, but washing your too often hair can actually strip it of its natural oils, which in return will cause dry and frizzy hair. So, save time and skip the hair washing. An alternative option to help give your hair a quick refresher is using a dry shampoo. This will give you the fresh feeling you need, while simplifying your routine and saving you time.

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Simplify your makeup routine.

There are tons of makeup products out there that can do more than one thing, so that you can get a few steps done all at once. Try finding a foundation that has a built-in primer to skip that step, and ensure that your makeup will still last all day. It might take a few trial runs to see what can go and what needs to stay, but cutting an unnecessary step from your makeup routine can save you a good chunk of time in the long run.

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