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The 3 Best Detoxifying Smoothies To Kick-Off Your Day

The 3 Best Detoxifying Smoothies To Kick-Off Your Day

After we wake up, it’s hard not to reach for coffee. But it’s necessary to remind ourselves that the first thing we need to ingest should be something nutritious. Our bodies have just awoken from a nightly hibernation, of sorts, and while we’ve been sleeping, it’s been at work all night, repairing and replenishing. We need to re-charge with something wholesome.

In her wellness how-to guide, The Body Book, actress Cameron Diaz writes that the first thing she does each morning after brushing her teeth is drink water. She compares the body to a plant, saying that before she drinks water, she feels somewhat wilted, but afterward, she is refreshed and rejuvenated. This is an important health lesson for us to remember. That’s why we’ve rounded up three of the best detoxifying smoothie recipes to kick-start your morning. So, ditch that cup of coffee and sip on these superfood smoothies, instead.

Vegan smoothie from the minimalist baker
The Minimalist Baker

Vegan 5-Ingredient Detox Smoothie

This nutrient-dense smoothie is a perfect blend to start your morning. Packed with antioxidants and fiber, it’s sure to keep you feeling full. The superfood spinach is rich in body-boosting minerals, while the frozen berries and juice blend will amp energy levels. Add in some extra protein with silken tofu, if desired.

For the full-recipe, visit Minimalist Baker.

Orange sunshine detox smoothie from Love & Lemons blog.
Love & Lemons

Superfood Sunshine Smoothie

Made with goji berries, ginger, and bananas, the real star here are the vibrant oranges. What better way to kick-off the morning than with a healthy dose of Vitamin C, which offers an immune system boost!

For the full-recipe, visit Love & Lemons.

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Wild ginger green smoothie from The First Mess blog.
The First Mess

Wild Ginger Green Smoothie

This green smoothie screams detox! A tasty blend of kale, limes, pineapple, and ginger, this emerald juice is close to a morning miracle blend. Also, feel free to amp it even further by adding some vegan protein powder to give those muscles a little extra love!

For the full-recipe, visit The First Mess.

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