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10 Songs That Need to Be On Your Running Playlist

10 Songs That Need to Be On Your Running Playlist

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A run without music is like…a run without running (we don’t really run unless there’s music involved). Having the right playlist ready to go before you lace up your sneakers, whether it’s full of upbeat jams to power you through a sprint or lower-tempo hits to set the pace for a steady jog, is sometimes all it takes to help you go the extra mile. Here are some top picks straight from our running playlist.

“Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself”
Jess Glynne
An upbeat melody paired with a positive message works double time to keep you motivated.  

Justin Bieber
This jam has helped us through a tough workout once or twice. And by once or twice, we mean maybe a couple of hundred times. 

Years & Years
This is a go-to feel good song, perfect for those lags in your run when you need a boost.   

“Broken Arrow”
We’ve usually got “Wake Me Up” on repeat, but for the sake of changing things up, this is another Avicii favorite of ours that does the trick.   

“Lightning Tent”
The change in pace between the verses and the chorus makes for a nice back and forth if you’re trying to alternate between slower jogs and faster sprints.

“Good Times”
Ella Eyre
This is the perfect song for when you’re trying to convince yourself that you’re enjoying your run a lot more than it feels like you are.

“We Own It”
2 Chainz
We can’t help but feel like serious athletes in training when we blast this during a run. (The musical progression in the background of Wiz Khalifa’s hook at the end makes for a nice build-up to a sprint. Just sayin’.) 

X Ambassadors 
This chill beat makes for a run that feels less like a party and more like a morning mission.

See Also

“Nobody to Love”
Alex Newell
Your run might turn into some odd mix between jogging and dancing during this one, but as long as you’re moving, it’s all good. (Plus, passersby will surely enjoy it.)

There are few things more capable of embodying intensity, and transferring it to your run, than Sia’s voice.


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